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August 07, 2020
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Posted On: Jan 11, 2019

Brothers and Sisters

     Good afternoon, we wanted to reach out and address the growing question of whether a legal challenge would be in the UDLC's best interest regarding the government shutdown.  Your Board has been in contact with several law firms to discuss the possibility of either joining a pre-existing suit or to possibly bring our own to ensure proper compensation for this incorrigible abuse of federal law enforcement officers.  

     Due to Executive Orders currently barring us from collective bargaining, we are NOT eligible to file alongside such agencies as the U.S. Park Police and TSA.  We have, however, begun talks with potentially joining a separate suit on behalf of all exempt employees, similar to the one brought and subsequently on in 2013.

     Please visit to read the proposed lawsuit and to answer some additional questions.  The firm will be creating an online registration form for federal employees to file with the claim. REight now, the UDLC will be unable to join the suit on behal of its membership.  EACH INDIVIDUAL employee will have to file to join the claim.  An email address has been created to better answer and specific question and can be reached at

     We will publish new information as we receive it to include the registration website and instructions once they become available.  In the meantime, your Board will continue to explore all options available to ensure a timely end to this shutdown, as well as, exhaust all efforts to ensure proper compensation for the suffering endured by our members.

    We would like to thank the law offices of Berry & Berry, as well as, Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch for their assistance and guidance during this time.

Admin stuff - Thank you for the continued support for the FOP/UDLC.  We are currently at 659 members, only 10 members away from 50%. Please have your co-workers/classmates/friends join so we can get over that number.  Addiitonally, please sign up on  We would like to post information on the website, as well as, when it comes time for voting, we can have an overwhelming number of our members voting.  Sgt Solo is waiting for the 2019 FOP cards from the Lodge. Once he has them and sorted, he will distrubute them out to the Branches.  

Board members are the following:  Chairman Lt. Stuart Hillenbrand - Mag Office, Vice-Chairman Lt. Matthew Strauss, 2nd Vice-Chairman Lt. Austin Hunt - WHB G1, and Treasurer Lt. Terrance Pyeron - WHB 'A' section.  Membership Chairman Sgt Anthony Solo - FMB 'A' section.


UDLC Executive Board

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