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July 09, 2020
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2020 Elections - start tonight at Midnight
Posted On: May 18, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

Its election time for the UDLC.  At Midnight tonight, Tuesday, May 19, 2020, the election starts.  It ends at MidnightSunday, May 31, 2020.  The positions on the Executive Board that are being voted on are Chairman, Vice-Chairman, 2nd Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.  

When you SIGN onto, there is a tab called MEMBERSHIP VOTE at the top.  Click on that tab and then vote for the 5 positions.  

Everyone that is a member is allowed to vote, so if you are getting this message, you are a member.  If you have YET to create an username on, please go do so.  Lt. Solo will be proactive over the next 12 days to get everyone active so they can vote.  If you have created an username and forgot it or your password, please text Lt. Solo at 724-516-0437, so that he can reset your password.  Please be patient, he is a midnight Official. 

As of this email, everyone that has created an username is ACTIVE!!

Attached is a write up about every nominated member to give everyone an idea who is running.

Listed below are the members that have been nominated by fellow members to run for the Executive Board.


Lt. Jeremy Gates - WHB

Officer Stephen Conway - WHB


Sgt. Jason Moore - WHB

Officer Timothy Nick - WHB

2nd Vice-Chairman

Lt. Anthony Solo - WHB


Lt. Terrance Pyeron - WHB

Officer Victoria Wood - FMB


Officer Amber Morgan - WHB

Thank you.  Stay safe.


UDLC Executive Board

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